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Getting “On Time and On Budget”

At DES Contracting, we believe in both on time and on budget project completions. One of the number one concerns our potential customers have is usually one of these two items. So, how do we do it?

1. Set realistic budgets. We give you a realistic budget for your project. A cheap estimate does not always translate into the final cost or the high quality of a completed project. When you are looking for a contractor, do your homework on more than the cheapest estimate – ask about their completion times and how many projects complete with the final cost coming close to the original estimate.

2. Set a realistic timeline. Every customer wants their project completed in the minimum amount of time. But, again, we set a realistic timeline for completing our work. Ordering materials, getting approvals where required, drying time, etc. all impact completion dates. Some of those things just can’t be changed.

Why do projects run over budget or time?

Even with realistic budgets and timelines, some projects don’t go as planned. Unexpected things happen – a roof replacement can be delayed by a week of rain or snow. Custom cabinets are a week late being delivered. Permits and inspections are held up by a county. But more often, the reason for cost and time over runs is changes to the scope of the original work proposal – these are customer requests that come in after work has begun.

Customers add work to the project. For example, halfway through a bathroom remodel, if a customer decided they want to change the lighting layout and include a master walk in closet organizer, this adds time and money to the project.

Or, customers request upgraded materials. Examples of this include popular items on kitchen remodels. We plan for laminate countertops or basic tile floors. We provide estimates for those materials and a customer will decide to upgrade to granite countertops and more expensive floor tiles. These items might not change the completion time line, both will impact the final budget.

As your contractor, we are happy to make these changes to materials and scope of work. But, we also let our customers understand the changes to the final bill and timeline for work completed.

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